The Best Indoor Activities ForKids On A Rainy Day

A rainy day should not stress you out anymore. Here are some ideas at doodlebuckets that will let you spend some quality time with your little ones on days when you cannot take them out to play.

Play a board game

Pull out a board game and play with your child. This will help your child learn to strategies, learn team play and instill the competitive spirit in them. Board games are a great learning tool and should be played on a rainy day.


Use your creativity and make a craft with your child. Just get out some basic material to do a craft and start making some decorative pieces with it. You are sure to be thrilled at your child’s creativity and how he comes up with new ideas.

See a movie

A rainy day is the best time to watch a nice movie with your child. Why not get some popcorns ready to add to the experience.

Play hide and seek

If you have a small child then play a game of hiding and seek with your child. Your child is sure to love this game.

Read a book

Pull out a book and read it to your child. This is a great way to bond and also lets your child imagine and enjoy reading stories.


You could take this opportunity to bake a cake with your child. You could also let your child help with preparations and make a nice treat for your child.


Talk, cuddle and love your child. This is a great time to bond with your child and get to know your child better. It will let your child open up to you.

Try out these activities with your child and see how he enjoys it also learns in the process.

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