Garage Conversion: Things to Consider Before Converting a Garage Into a Room

So you have been having a garage and no car that you are parking there!

A lot of people with double garages have approached us in the past for converting both of them or even one empty one into a room. Here is a list of things that you may want to consider before turning in that extra space into your extended home.

What can you possibly convert the garage into?

The garage can become a part of your home in case you are short of space. The sky is the limit. A client once wanted to create a guest room out there and I cannot tell you how wonderfully well the idea worked for him. Another one wanted to rent it out after making a room with attached bath. This ensured that he had steady income as well as no disturbance in the house.

Do you need a permission from the authorities to convert?

Keep in mind that you are only converting it into a room and not building up anything from scratch and so permission is normal cases is not even necessary. However, if you stay in a highly conserved area. You may have to take permissions from the town planning. You may want to check with them first.

How do you homogenize the exterior:

The doors and the windows and the roof of the garage will have to look like the rest of the exteriors so that it does not give away at the first look itself.

Living room, or a sit out or a study or a home theatre, there is no limit to what you can convert it into.

There was a client who found it difficult to commute long distances and he loved this recommendation of converting it into his home office. He confessed later that life had never been this easy for him before and boy were we humbled!

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