Secrets To Enjoy Living Alone Without Actually Feeling Alone

I have been here and I know exactly what to do!

I have lived all my student life with three or more roommates and I can tell you that however much I was irritated with them vacuuming the rooms day after day every day and playing their Spotify lists thousands of times over, I could never think of staying all by myself.

I thought it was the wackiest thing to stay all by myself!

I could never bring myself to even think about staying alone without shuddering till my spine. I thought I could go crazy with boredom. The first thought that came to my mind was how on earth do I make up for coming back to empty rooms and not being able to talk to anyone about how bad or good my day was?!

The horror is temporary!

Believe me you and thank god for it. You eventually get used to living alone and know what! You actually begin enjoying your own company more and keep wondering how you even managed to live with hooligan roommates who made noises that were even above the tolerable decibels for the human ear! Hehe

I came around in less than a months’ time but again it is a subjective thing. Some people can take as long as six months or even a year. But they eventually do. When they realize that they can be themselves and freak themselves with their quirkiness and also experiment with anything without having to listen to judgemental stuff form roomies they thank their stars for being able to afford the luxury of staying alone.

What has been the quirkiest thing that I did when I was alone?

I got a pup home because I was feeling lonely in the first month. I realized that It was too much labor to look after it and decided to return it back to the shelter in less than a week’s time!

Of course, I have also had time to experiment with various fetishes and had dated over at my apartment. It is best to be by yourself and enjoy what you have always fantasized about. My lp collection has grown since I have been by myself. I freak out on the latest love plugs. What is your quirkiest best?…

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