The Ultimate Guide: How to Save Money to Be a Stay at Home Mom

Being a home mom, you will have more time which you can use cleverly to save money.  Use the below tips:

Baking:  Bake your own cakes and pastries so that you stop buying them.

Try earning from home:  If your kids are not too little, you will get a few free hours after packing them off to school.  Try to get a part-time job so that you can earn from home.

Avoid paid services for home cleaning:  Plan your weekdays with a simple meal so that you can clean the house in a day or two.  That way you can save the money spent on home cleaning services.

Grow kitchen garden:  If you have space, have a small kitchen garden.  You can grow chilies, tomato, cilantro, and few seasonable vegetables and greens.  Means you can save money on buying those.

Explore and find more offers:  Never leave the opportunity of getting discounts or offers. Learn about all the avenues that can save your money.  CouponoBox at is one such reliable site that provides huge discounts and promo codes.

Meal planning:  Plan your weekly meal ahead so that you buy only the needed groceries and vegetables.  Also, have a list of alternatives.  For example, when you find that cabbage price has increased, find for alternatives like carrots or beans which are cheaper so that you can manage.

Reuse, recycle and upcycle:  When you propose to buy something new, find out how you can avoid the expense by recycling or upcycling existing things at home.  Search your attic.  You might have dumped a whole lot of things which you would have forgotten.  Use them instead of buying the same things again.

Hire or own decisions: Certain items like books, DVDs are cheaper to hire.  Even you can hire a few home appliances rather than investing in them.  Certain items it is wise to own which would be cheaper.  If your house rent is too high, better buy a house and pay EMI instead.…

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