When To Change Car Seat?

If you have growing children do not be in a rush to change your car seat until your children outgrow the maximum weight and height limits. Most of the car seat manufacturers mention the limits in the seat label which is easy to refer. If you are facing the most common type of crash which is a front end crash, a rear facing seat will protect your child’s head, neck and spine by allowing them to move evenly into the seat and not way from it. Each of the children car seat is designed keeping safety, weight and height limits of the children. Check easymomsguide that has plenty of information on car seat safety guidelines.

Children have to ride in rear facing at least up to completion of two years of age. As your child grows you may have to change form a rear facing seat that is smaller in size to a bigger one to accommodate your grown child. Once the child reaches the rear facing weight limit you can shift him to forward facing. You can also think of using only forward facing car seat with 5-point harness and top tether. Before shifting to a booster seat your child has to use a forward facing car seat with a harness that has higher weight and height limits. After your child reaches the weight and height limits of the forward facing car seat, he can be shifted to a booster seat with belt positioning feature along with lap and shoulder seat belt.

If your child has crosses the limits too fast, you may think of giving the used car seat to someone who is in need of it. Make sure the parts are intact with labels and instructions before giving it away. If the seat had met with a crash or has missing parts, it is recommended that you discard it completely. On the other hand, if your car seat has expired or it is unsafe for further use, disassemble in different trash bags and discard so that no one else uses it.…

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