8 Hacks That Will Make Your Closet & Clothes Smell Amazing

We all like to smell nice when we step out and even otherwise. While perfumes can be the best option, having your clothes smelling nice at all times would be even better.

Here are a few ways in which you can have your clothes and closet smelling nice at all times:

  1. Conditioner

Use a good smelling fabric conditioner as your laundry gets done in the best washing machine in India. This will leave a good after smell in your clothes and will transfer to your closet too as clothes are kept inside.

  1. Soaps

The soaps you get as samples and in hotels can be used inside your cupboards. Open them up and stack them away in corners to leave the entire closet smelling nice and different

  1. Spray

Use a spray once in a while in your closet to freshen up the smell and leave your clothes smelling nice. However, ensure you is something that will suit you and compliment the perfumes you are using.

  1. Fresheners

Hang fresheners in the cupboard curtain rods to let the smell perforate through your entire closet

  1. Clean Up

Pull out your clothes and clean up once in a few months to get the musty smell out. If needed put your clothes out to dry in the sun and get rid of the smell winter or damp weather can cause.

  1. Perfume samples

When you go to the stores you may come across perfume samples. You can leave them open in your closet or even use the perfume tester sticks (the ones you use to test a perfume’s smell).

  1. Open Up

Leave your closet open for a few minutes a day to let fresh air seep in. if it is winter, leave the doors open when the sun decides to shine. You will be opening the windows to let some heat in, leave your closet doors open too.

  1. Potpourri

You can keep some potpourri in your cupboard to let the smell seep into your clothes.

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