The Best Indoor Activities ForKids On A Rainy Day

A rainy day should not stress you out anymore. Here are some ideas at doodlebuckets that will let you spend some quality time with your little ones on days when you cannot take them out to play.

Play a board game

Pull out a board game and play with your child. This will help your child learn to strategies, learn team play and instill the competitive spirit in them. Board games are a great learning tool and should be played on a rainy day.


Use your creativity and make a craft with your child. Just get out some basic material to do a craft and start making some decorative pieces with it. You are sure to be thrilled at your child’s creativity and how he comes up with new ideas.

See a movie

A rainy day is the best time to watch a nice movie with your child. Why not get some popcorns ready to add to the experience.

Play hide and seek

If you have a small child then play a game of hiding and seek with your child. Your child is sure to love this game.

Read a book

Pull out a book and read it to your child. This is a great way to bond and also lets your child imagine and enjoy reading stories.


You could take this opportunity to bake a cake with your child. You could also let your child help with preparations and make a nice treat for your child.


Talk, cuddle and love your child. This is a great time to bond with your child and get to know your child better. It will let your child open up to you.

Try out these activities with your child and see how he enjoys it also learns in the process.…

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5 Reasons Why You Have a Wardrobe Full of Clothes but Nothing to Wear and What You Can Do About It

Having too many clothes in the wardrobe is not a sign of riches, it means that the owner does not know how to shop. You do not need a wardrobe full of clothes that cannot be combined in different ways and that do not have some classic designs. So how can you rectify the situation? Here are some useful tips that will help.

  1. When you are shopping, you like something and you buy it in a smaller size thinking that you will soon lose weight and will be able to wear it. It does not happen the way you envision. So buy only what fits you now and something that you would wear soon enough. Don’t buy anything with a futuristic plan in mind as it will keep lying in some corner of the wardrobe, never to be used again.
  2. You do not have the matching accessories as designer bags are way too expensive. So buy replica designer bags, more at luxtime, and match them with existing dresses at reasonable prices.
  3. You may have the habit of buying the same design or clothes repeatedly. For example, if you have a small black dress that has been appreciated often then don’t buy the same dress again and again. But different colors and different designs so that the wardrobe is more useful.
  4. Emotional shopping does not work ever. Whether you are happy or sad, shopping done during an emotional state of mind will always lead to wrong clothes so go with a calm peaceful mind when you go shopping.
  5. Do not keep old and worn out clothes just for the sake of memories. Faded clothes are not going to be used and it is a fact so why do you want to clog the wardrobe with old, faded and torn clothes? Get rid of pieces that you are sure that you will never use again.

With these tips, you can have better wardrobe management. Buy only what you will wear.…

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Save Money to Be a Stay at Home Mom

Being a home mom, you will have more time which you can use cleverly to save money.  Use the below tips:

Baking:  Bake your own cakes and pastries so that you stop buying them.

Try earning from home:  If your kids are not too little, you will get a few free hours after packing them off to school.  Try to get a part-time job so that you can earn from home.

Avoid paid services for home cleaning:  Plan your weekdays with a simple meal so that you can clean the house in a day or two.  That way you can save the money spent on home cleaning services.

Grow kitchen garden:  If you have space, have a small kitchen garden.  You can grow chilies, tomato, cilantro, and few seasonable vegetables and greens.  Means you can save money on buying those.

Explore and find more offers:  Never leave the opportunity of getting discounts or offers. Learn about all the avenues that can save your money.  CouponoBox at is one such reliable site that provides huge discounts and promo codes.

Meal planning:  Plan your weekly meal ahead so that you buy only the needed groceries and vegetables.  Also, have a list of alternatives.  For example, when you find that cabbage price has increased, find for alternatives like carrots or beans which are cheaper so that you can manage.

Reuse, recycle and upcycle:  When you propose to buy something new, find out how you can avoid the expense by recycling or upcycling existing things at home.  Search your attic.  You might have dumped a whole lot of things which you would have forgotten.  Use them instead of buying the same things again.

Hire or own decisions: Certain items like books, DVDs are cheaper to hire.  Even you can hire a few home appliances rather than investing in them.  Certain items it is wise to own which would be cheaper.  If your house rent is too high, better buy a house and pay EMI instead.…

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The Best Home Decorating Tips & Ideas

Decorating the home is a big task as you need to look after the cleaning process regularly in order to maintain it neat and clean.    Many people think is it necessary to decorate their houses since it is waste of time literally and you need to put some extra care and attention to maintain the decorative items in your home.

Imagine a home without any decorative items, it looks too simple and it also likes a room without any attractiveness and glows.   But, when the same room is decorated with so many household items, those who didn’t like to decorate also start doing decorations in their home and enjoy the decoration part.

Some people have the mindset that they should decorate their houses only at the time of festivals like Christmas, New Year and other festivals, but this not so and you can even decorate your home even on the odd days.

There are some people who want to decorate their new houses and they may also found it difficult to have a clear draft.  If so, Draft Force Perth offers you excellent services in drafting and you can avail their services.

Here are some of the best home decor ideas and tips;

  • Always paint your rooms with the mild colors which will add some beauty to your room.
  • Go green when you think for the option of decorating especially your kitchen which will enhance the beauty in a natural way.
  • If you have the older decorative items try to use it wherever it is appropriate so that you are not spending too much money on decoration.
  • Add some storage spaces near your washroom which will help you to store some household things.
  • Improve your room lighting with some small LED lights and these lights may consume only a little amount of electricity and it also looks beautiful when you use these LED lights for light effects in the living room.
  • If you think you need some expert advice to decorate your new house, go ahead and find it the right way of decorating your house.

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8 Hacks That Will Make Your Closet & Clothes Smell Amazing

We all like to smell nice when we step out and even otherwise. While perfumes can be the best option, having your clothes smelling nice at all times would be even better.

Here are a few ways in which you can have your clothes and closet smelling nice at all times:

  1. Conditioner

Use a good smelling fabric conditioner as your laundry gets done in the best washing machine in India. This will leave a good after smell in your clothes and will transfer to your closet too as clothes are kept inside.

  1. Soaps

The soaps you get as samples and in hotels can be used inside your cupboards. Open them up and stack them away in corners to leave the entire closet smelling nice and different

  1. Spray

Use a spray once in a while in your closet to freshen up the smell and leave your clothes smelling nice. However, ensure you is something that will suit you and compliment the perfumes you are using.

  1. Fresheners

Hang fresheners in the cupboard curtain rods to let the smell perforate through your entire closet

  1. Clean Up

Pull out your clothes and clean up once in a few months to get the musty smell out. If needed put your clothes out to dry in the sun and get rid of the smell winter or damp weather can cause.

  1. Perfume samples

When you go to the stores you may come across perfume samples. You can leave them open in your closet or even use the perfume tester sticks (the ones you use to test a perfume’s smell).

  1. Open Up

Leave your closet open for a few minutes a day to let fresh air seep in. if it is winter, leave the doors open when the sun decides to shine. You will be opening the windows to let some heat in, leave your closet doors open too.

  1. Potpourri

You can keep some potpourri in your cupboard to let the smell seep into your clothes.

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