Essential Tips for Designing and Planning your Home Pool

Whilst our “pool building egos” are stoked at the ideas of negative edges, wet decks and acrylic windows, the fundamentals of building a great outdoor space of which the pool is one part there-of remain the same:

Here at our pool company, we renovate, build and source a large variety of swimming pools from apartment pools, above ground pools and backyard pools to lap pools with a large number of kids, we’ve done all this and built pools like this many times over for people who are basically the same as you.

Although many times we like to throw around fancy terms like “edging”, acrylic windows, tiling and decks, the overall fundamentals of a good outdoor pool are all the same.

Make sure to take these steps:

  • Make sure to contact all the possible parties to talk about the pool (the builder, designers, landscapers and clients)
  • The pool has to be built for the client specifically
  • Make sure the design is good
  • Use any space available in a good manner
  • Make sure the aesthetics are nice.

Make sure to get as much space as possible

Due to the trend of building, more and more homes are being built on plots of land that are getting smaller and smaller with increasing prices (see more at delicious), due to this trend the amount of area that is being used to build a swimming pool is becoming smaller and smaller, more regulations, technologies and construction systems, along with the addition of better usage of space has meant that pools are now being built on property that has been getting smaller and smaller to use the majority of space possible, this is quite different from the pools of the 90’s of which are used to create impressions of pools in the modern day.

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