How to Create the Best Dog-friendly Garden

Read the following tips to have a best dog-friendly home garden

Avoid having risky pits and small outdoor pools etc.  Keep gardening tools with sharp edges out of reach.  This will ensure that the dog does not get hurt.  Especially pups need more safety.  Ensure that there are no such risky narrow spots which might pose danger to pups.

Do not keep plants that are poisonous.  Also, avoid plants that create allergy for the dog or attract insects like bees which may harm the dog.

Always ensure proper shade is available for the dog.  If you live in hot areas, use dog cooling vests while the dogs play in the garden.  Too much of heat will make the dog sick.  So use large plants/trees to create cool shade.

Store water in a small bowl so that the dog can quench its thirst in between.  Ensure that the water is clean and cool.

The garden should have provisions for digging spots.  This will make the dog feel comfortable in the garden atmosphere.

Provide for paths, play areas.  Keep slightly elevated spots for making the pups to enjoy and play.  Use soft balls for playing in the garden.

Use a fence to protect the dog from jumping out.  Also, this will prevent distraction.  Dogs do not like bullying of passers-by.  Fencing will ensure to avoid disturbances.

Maintain the lawns neatly.  Dogs like to walk in lawns.  Also, lawns will minimize the heat of the earth.

Do not grow thorny plants which might injure the eyes of the dog.

Ensure that the surface of the path is not prickly or uncomfortable for the dog.

Maintain the garden free from debris and garbage.  Garbage can result in infections.  Ensure a clean and green garden.

The garden should be easily accessible to the dog.

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