How Working from Home Can Make You Put on Weight

If you have finally given up your job because of a great freelancing option or you want to be independent. The idea might seem attractive and appealing at this moment, but it does come with its demerits. Studies have shown that working at home tends to present numerous mental challenges. In addition to these mental challenges, people are currently facing physical challenges as well.

Several people who left their job in order to work from home complain regarding excessive weight gain. They say they are unable to control the weight no matter how hard they try.

Reasons for Weight Gain While Working From Home

There numerous factors that result in you gaining weight why you are working from home. We have listed some of these reasons below. If you pay close attention to these factors and you will understand that controlling your weight is not a problem at all. You can even look up some weight loss gadgets at We are sure that you will find the something that will help you lose weight.

Lack of Incidental Exercise:  Working from the office allows a lot of incidental exercises. For instance, walking up to the printer, walking to go see a colleague, walking back and forth to the bus or train stations. All these walking about ends once you start working from your home. This significant decrease in exercise tends to increase the risk of diabetes and obesity in people, according to physiologist Dr. A.J. Marsden.

Food Availability: Another key element that causes people to gain weight while working from home is food availability. When they are working in an office, the food is not that readily available, thus they eat less. However, when at home they are gazing at the food all the time and eating it as well. Even though they are not hungry, they will eat the food just because they are bored.

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