Garage Conversion: Things to Consider Before Converting a Garage Into a Room

So you have been having a garage and no car that you are parking there!

A lot of people with double garages have approached us in the past for converting both of them or even one empty one into a room. Here is a list of things that you may want to consider before turning in that extra space into your extended home.

What can you possibly convert the garage into?

The garage can become a part of your home in case you are short of space. The sky is the limit. A client once wanted to create a guest room out there and I cannot tell you how wonderfully well the idea worked for him. Another one wanted to rent it out after making a room with attached bath. This ensured that he had steady income as well as no disturbance in the house.

Do you need a permission from the authorities to convert?

Keep in mind that you are only converting it into a room and not building up anything from scratch and so permission is normal cases is not even necessary. However, if you stay in a highly conserved area. You may have to take permissions from the town planning. You may want to check with them first.

How do you homogenize the exterior:

The doors and the windows and the roof of the garage will have to look like the rest of the exteriors so that it does not give away at the first look itself.

Living room, or a sit out or a study or a home theatre, there is no limit to what you can convert it into.

There was a client who found it difficult to commute long distances and he loved this recommendation of converting it into his home office. He confessed later that life had never been this easy for him before and boy were we humbled!…

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Best Ways To Make a New House Feel Like Home After Moving In

Whenever you shift to a new place you get a feeling of emptiness as you might be missing your old home. To get over the mood of emptiness you can buy new things for the home. Shopping for a new home is exciting and can immediately lift the mood. Before you venture out for shopping, you can check out coupons for the Brentwood Home. Below mentioned are different ways one can make your new place of stay feel like home.

Unpack as soon as possible- After shifting, you need to unpack and set things as soon as possible. Don’t delay the process as the house full of unpacked boxes will only depress you more and you will start missing the old house. Hence clear away all the boxes and arrange the items in the respective places. Also, don’t stack things which you no longer need as it unnecessarily occupies space. It’s better to keep your house free of space for new things that are actually required by you.  The cluttered and cramped house also would not be an inviting place to live.

Mix new and old furnishings- You can mix the old furniture’s along with new ones. Adding a splash of new items in your house gives a fresh look but keeping the old ones gives you a sense of feeling home. Also, old worn out furniture’s makes the house looks dull and your mood would be very low.

Add candles, plants, and pictures- Plants in corners of the house gives a breath of fresh air to the house. Also scented candles soothe your mind and are a great way to make you feel at home. It adds a touch of warmth to the place. Keeping the pictures of your family and loved ones would give a sense of belonging and instantly the house will not feel like a new place anymore.

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10 Scientific Tips For Raising Happy (& Healthy) Kids

Every parent wants to raise happy and healthy kids. For this, there are several things you could do, several small changes to your lifestyle habits.

  1. Invest in age-appropriate Toys do not just keep children entertained but also promote learning and cognitive development. a very useful website for parents overwhelmed with the choices in toys for kids.
  2. Learn to acknowledge the little one’s emotions right from a young age. Every little emotion is a serious one for the child and each expression has a meaning. So studying them would also help parents understand their kids better.
  3. Do not rush things with children. If they tend to take time to get dressed then make sure that you start getting ready a little early rather than rushing them to finish the task soon.
  4. Allow children to do things themselves. It is alright if they do some mistakes. They learn from their mistakes and grow.
  5. When you are talking to your children pay them undivided attention. Avoid looking at your smartphone when your child is talking to you.
  6. Growth spurts are real and there could be different physical and emotional implications for them. So be gentle on your child and on yourself during such phases.
  7. A happy family raises a happy kid. Parental conflicts can have serious impacts on the children. Nurturing healthy relationships at home can keep the child healthy and happy.
  8. Cook healthy meals and involve the kids in the preparation of the meals. This would keep them engaged and make cooking more fun.
  9. Practice sports and outdoor activities. Involvement of the parents in outdoor games would make the gameplay more engaging and also keep the whole family entertained for hours.
  10. Establish a good sleep routine for everyone at home. A good night’s rest is the most important factor in good health.
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The Best Ways To Make Your Home More Healthy

While we talk so much about the environmental conservation we should remember that it all starts with creating and maintaining a healthy home environment. A healthy environment at home means keeping the family healthy.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers are known to remove fine dust, and odours in the indoor ambiance. They can help disinfect the indoor air and reduce allergies and infections. These can be extra handy during the allergy seasons.

Trust the greens

There are several indoor plants that are known to purify the air. Air purifying plants can also remove formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals that are known to be released from chemical cleaners and from the appliances. Besides this, they also result in maintaining the humidity of the indoor air.

Homemade alternatives to chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners can be effective in cleaning but they release a lot of harmful fumes which are not healthy to breathe in. Replacing them with homemade cleaners can be a safer and healthier approach.

Light and ventilation

Controlled light and air circulation can be the first thing to create in every room in the house. Proper circulation of air can prevent the formation of mold and also remove musty odors from the air. Sunlight can also be a natural disinfecting agent which is very much essential in every room. Too much or too little sunlight should both be avoided.

Cleaning routines

Establishing daily and weekly cleaning routines and monthly deep cleaning schedules will make cleaning easier and more productive. This would also ensure that the air quality remains healthy. Cleaning routines include dusting, control of cobwebs on time and the cleaning of kitchen. All these help maintain a healthy, dust free and pest free environment at home.

Novel products like ClimateCounts greenhouse kits can all be useful to help work towards a greener planet.…

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Tips Using Social Media for Interior Design Success

Social media has been evolved just being a place to know about others relationship status or their political affiliations. Today, the social platforms have become the driving force to help people to advertise their product or service. Especially if you are in the business of interior design, you can easily showcase your work and will be able to reach more people.  Its ability to promote the business, engage with clients and attract new customers is staggering. There are various sites which you can find online that can make you famous in social media like kann man instagram kommentare kaufen?

Below mentioned are a few tips on how one can make the best use of social media to gain success in interior design.

Take good advantage of medium- A prospective customer would love to see the actual completed work of yours, hence you need to put photos or videos showing off your recent works.  You can use social media as virtual showrooms to attract clients.

You should not automate and streamline– Few of the social media sites gives you the option to re-publish the updates automatically. This could be enticing if you are pressed for time but still, you should keep in mind that never to streamline as customers despise it.  Customers would look for authenticity and soul in each post. You should give an extra few minutes in a day to connect with customers.  Always be unique.

Advertise- You can even get a sponsored listing in various sites by paying a nominal charge. This means if at all the user searches for the professionals, your business name would be pushed to the top of the list.

Focus- The time you spend on the social media should be used wisely and you should not get distracted. Use that time to add value to your profile or chatting with customers to answer their queries and doubts regarding your work.

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Family-Friendly Homes: The Best Advice on Kid’s Rooms

Kids rooms are probably the toughest rooms to decorate because of the overwhelming variety of furniture and other nursery products available. But here are some tips to make your work simpler.

Plan for the long-term

There are several baby and kids products that should be purchased in age-appropriate variants. But when it comes to buying the primary furniture for the nursery it is always a good idea to think for the long term. Having a playpen is a good idea. But for sleeping a good quality crib which is also convertible into a bed for the future use would be the best investment to make. So if you splurge on this you are all set for 5 to 6 years.

Be stingy when it comes to using up the floor space

Minimalism is the keyword when it comes to buying things for the kids’ rooms. They need an ample amount of floor space to walk, crawl and run around. There should also be proper natural lighting and ventilation in the room. Use up as little floor space as possible. Install wall shelves if additional storage is required.

Easy to maintain options are what you need

Right from the carpet to the bedding you choose to pick those fabrics that are easily washable. Kids’ rooms tend to get messy and the furnishing in the kids’ rooms might need frequent cleaning.

Gender neutral colors

Pick colors that are gender neutral. A more natural and generic theme like nature-inspired themes or outdoor inspired ones can all be great for those who are picking the décor essentials for the long term.

Finally, when it comes to window treatments, the aesthetic appeal should also be complemented by the functionality. Choose utilitarian window treatments. We got double glazed windows for our house in Edinburgh and for the kids’ rooms we got them in colors that match their rooms.…

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The Ultimate Guide: Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Gardening can be an excellent stress buster. It is a hobby that is literally fruitful! The taste of vegetables freshly picked from the garden cannot be matched even from the freshest supermarkets or grocery stores. The gratification you feel when you see the plants grow from the tiny seed stage to the stage where they yield fruits or vegetables is wonderful.

Address pest troubles

To begin with know the different kinds of pests to be wary about in your area. There are several professional pest bird control glasgow based services. Birds, rodents, and ants are the most common pests to be warned about to be able to take precautionary measures.

Prepare the plot for gardening

Choose a sunny spot in the backyard or on the terrace. The spot should get plenty of natural sunlight several hours every day as most of the vegetable plants require direct sunlight. Also, make arrangements for the proper drainage of water to prevent stagnation from leading to mosquito issues.

Choose easy to grow plants

There are several vegetables that are easy to grow. Pick them so that you would get motivated to continue vegetable gardening for a long time. Understand the pruning and watering needs of these plants to care for them better.

Start with a small planter

Small areas are good, to begin with. Smaller planters are easier to maintain and take care of. Even the application of pesticides and manure is relatively easier with a smaller planter.

Exercise patience

Even after you take all the efforts you would have to be patient to wait for the results. Some plants take time to germinate while others take time to flower. There might be several failed attempts before you actually harvest your vegetables from the garden. Patience is the key to becoming a better vegetable gardener.

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