Home Improvement Ideas And Tips

When you look around your house, there is always something or the other you want to do or change. Home improvements are an on-going project for each one of us. Has it been a while since you made any major changes to the house? Here are some tips and ideas to make the change really count:

Kitchen – Kitchen is one place we rarely touch once it is settled. The only changes or improvements we make in this area of the house are to add more pots and pans or a new electrical appliance.

Today there is a long list of rangehoods to choose from and install in your kitchen. These chimneys help in clearing up the strong smell of the foods cooked and also the smoke generated. Instead of using an exhaust fan to suck it all out in a few hours or a traditional chimney hole above the stove, use a range hood and feel the difference.

Garden – We usually tend to take good care of the plants and bring in new flowering plants or rearrange the small plants to give the garden a facelift. Get a beautiful swing and install it in the center of your garden or a spot where the sun rays won’t really hit your eye in the morning or evening.

Sitting on a garden swing and spending some peaceful time with yourself or a dear one can be more relaxing than you can imagine.

Bedroom – One place we get used to very quickly. We rarely make any change here as we are comfortable with the way things are and won’t be too keen on disturbing the way it is arranged.

Go ahead and move things around. If you can change your bed or just the headboard. This will make a big difference to the entire room as a bed and its frame are the most dominating part of any bedroom.…

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Three Ways To Dispose Of Renovation Waste

When we renovate our house, it is not just the house that gets a facelift. We change a lot of things amongst ourselves too. A new room or a wardrobe means de-cluttering your old wardrobe and getting rid of unwanted clothes you have not been using for years together now and never intend on using again.

How To Dispose

When you are renovating your house a lot of waste is bound to accumulate. The civil wastes apart, one will have much more to dispose of in multiple dumpsters.

Here is how you can dispose of the renovation wastes

  1. Donate

When you have a number of materials and things from your old house or the house being renovated, donate it. You would start your renovation work only after your plan and materials are ready. When you find good materials in the existing building, keep aside those that can be reused. Donate them for social welfare and housing projects, etc. This could be your part in helping the needy and help yourself in de-cluttering.

  1. Dispose And Earn

Dispose the renovation wastes yourself and earn some money from it. There are many companies that have dumpsters for rent that can be used to get rid of all the materials and things you remove from your existing building. When you are sure you cannot reuse any of these materials, sell them and earn some money.

This money can be used towards buying more materials for your renovation, etc. renovations are not cheap and when you can get some money out of it, why miss the chance?

  1. Professional Help

When you are renovating the house, you can employ professionals. These professionals will know what material can be retained for future use and what materials have to be discarded right away, thus reducing the trash and clutter you are bound to have.

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What to Do When Bored at Home With No Money

Are you getting panic attacks because your coffers are dry and you don’t know how to spend your free time? Have you become so dependent on the green bill that you have forgotten to utilize your own ability to amuse yourself and others?

I was there and I know what I am talking about. My life was transformed when I stopped equating money with entertainment. I will share a few methods on how I stay entertained when I am bored and out of money.


Plunge yourself into the world of words and characters, of plot lines and situations and of knowledge hitherto foreign to you; did you know that reading can fend Alzheimer’s and keep your brain going strong as your neural pathways are created constantly.

Make videos for youtube

This is a wonderful way to discover some hidden talent. Select a theme and shoot with your Smartphone or a camera. Edit it and upload it. Send the link to your friends and acquaintances and see the magic. If your video is well liked you can make it public and wait for the adulation to follow.

Redo your room

I find this absolutely cathartic and invigorating. It is so satisfying to rearrange the furniture and add some creative touches to a room with some leftover paint and give a room the new look. It ushers in fresh energy and also brightens the atmosphere.

Write a memoir

An old photo album is probably the best way to spend those money-less days at home. Every single picture in the album has a story that you can recollect and relive. To make it more interesting you can write about each picture. It is pure joy.


I visit the old age home in my locality and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to share some quality time with these adorable old people who have a plethora of information to share and boundless ocean of compassion and love to share.

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Tips to Keep Pests out of the Family Home

Year in year out, a lot of people are faced with the issues of having to deal with different pests while at home. This usually occurs when the air turns brisk and the leaves begin to drop. During this time, it feels as if every beast in the wild kingdom wants to take shelter in your home. Mice may storm the garage and squirrels may bed down in the eaves. The emergence of blued eye rats may take over the tunnels and fleas and ticks may start infesting the family dog. At this juncture, what comes to your mind will be the need to purchase the best Flea and Tick medicine for dogs, getting some pesticides to take care of the rats and so on. In this article, we shall examine the several ways you can keep the pests away from the home. The major reason why the presence of pests should be controlled at home is not just because they can damage things but also due to the fact that their presence can lead to diseases.

This can be achieved in the following ways;

  1. Keep them from getting into the house

Make use of burglar-proofing system to keep all the pests away. As long as they don’t gain entry into the house, they cannot elicit a negative effect at home. This form of control is also known as exclusion.


  1. Use of natural enemies

This is also referred to as biological control. This is the use of natural enemies of the pests to control their numbers in the house. When the squirrels infest the home for example, the presence of a cat can checkmate their activities.


  1. Use of traps and poisons

For the mice and squirrels, you can decide to make use of traps and poisons that will repel their presence. These traps poisons should however be used with caution and should be kept out of the reach of children.

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5 Tips to Grow Houseplants in Artificial Light

Many of you might want to grow plants outside your homes but due to space restrictions or positioning of your house away from natural sunlight might forbid you from doing so. However, this article shares with you some interesting tips on how you can grow plants indoors by using artificial light to allow photosynthesis to happen naturally.

Understanding the Basics

For plants to grow, they need light from the

  • The blue wavelength to enable foliage growth
  • The red wavelength to allow flowering followed by fruiting
  • The green wavelength that gets reflected and makes them appear green

5 Tips for Selection of Artificial Lights

  1. Fluorescent Lights – This is a common choice for most planters as these are economical and easy to handle. Moreover, these provide enough blue wavelengths that are enough to instigate plant foliage. Always buy cool white bulbs to allow the display of the full spectrum and while positioning them place them at one foot away from the plants.
  2. Incandescent Lights – This is a supplemental addition to the fluorescent lights, as these releases more of the red wavelengths. Hence, these are used to promote flowering of plants. However, while positioning them, place them far away from the plants, as these tend to release a lot of heat that could damage the leaves.
  3. LED Lights – This is a good choice because it releases low heat and is energy-efficient. However, care should be taken while buying these lights, as these can be highly customizable. Hence, ensure that the bulbs purchased give off both red and blue wavelengths.
  4. Halogen Lights – This is a good option for planters looking to buy full-spectrum lighting. However, these release a lot of heat similar to the incandescent lights and are also less energy-efficient than LEDs and fluorescent lights.
  5. Horticultural Grow Lights – These are a superior alternative to the fluorescent lights, as these give out the full spectrum and are particularly useful for growing plants from seeds and for propagating hybrid varieties. These come in packed tubes with fluorescent fixtures.

Light Positioning

  • In order to grow plants indoors and to nurture them right from the seeds, tube fixtures need to be installed right above the plants to allow direct and sufficient lighting.
  • You can buy special kits that are made specifically for indoor plant growth, which comes with reflectors and fixtures.
  • For the less serious planters, regular light fixtures are sufficient as long as the bulbs are chosen and fitted carefully.
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How Working from Home Can Make You Put on Weight

If you have finally given up your job because of a great freelancing option or you want to be independent. The idea might seem attractive and appealing at this moment, but it does come with its demerits. Studies have shown that working at home tends to present numerous mental challenges. In addition to these mental challenges, people are currently facing physical challenges as well.

Several people who left their job in order to work from home complain regarding excessive weight gain. They say they are unable to control the weight no matter how hard they try.

Reasons for Weight Gain While Working From Home

There numerous factors that result in you gaining weight why you are working from home. We have listed some of these reasons below. If you pay close attention to these factors and you will understand that controlling your weight is not a problem at all. You can even look up some weight loss gadgets at www.movomovo.com. We are sure that you will find the something that will help you lose weight.

Lack of Incidental Exercise:  Working from the office allows a lot of incidental exercises. For instance, walking up to the printer, walking to go see a colleague, walking back and forth to the bus or train stations. All these walking about ends once you start working from your home. This significant decrease in exercise tends to increase the risk of diabetes and obesity in people, according to physiologist Dr. A.J. Marsden.

Food Availability: Another key element that causes people to gain weight while working from home is food availability. When they are working in an office, the food is not that readily available, thus they eat less. However, when at home they are gazing at the food all the time and eating it as well. Even though they are not hungry, they will eat the food just because they are bored.

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How to identify Bedbugs and How to Get Rid of Them Permanently

Bedbugs are small brown insects that are smaller than an apple’s seed. Do not let the name fool you, bedbugs are not limited only to your bed. On the contrary, you can find them anywhere and everywhere in your house. They usually activate during the night and disturb your sleep. At first, you may not feel their bite, but after a while, these bites start to burn.

If you do not have proper bedbug control technique, living in your house might become impossible. They grow at very high speed. Within a year, you can have millions of bedbugs ready to drink your blood. Therefore, getting rid of bedbugs is imperative for your health.

How to Identify Bedbugs

  • You need to recognize the bedbug infestation. Bedbugs bite may look like mosquito bites but they are different in many ways. A bedbug bite swells and spreads out and it burns a lot too. They also come in lines instead of rounded bites.
  • Look for reddish and rusty stains on your mattresses or bed sheets.
  • You can spot eggs and eggshells. They are usually about 1mm of size and are of yellow skin.
  • Another sign of bed bugs is dark spots that are the bedbug excrement. It may look like a markers spot.
  • Lastly, you might see them roaming around in your house.

How to Remove Bedbugs Permanently

  • Now that you have identified bedbugs, it is time to remove them permanently.
  • You need to vacuum the house properly and thoroughly.
  • Bedbugs can’t withstand heat, so wash the infested items in hot water.
  • If you think a place might have bedbugs, you need to avoid that place as bedbugs transmit via luggage, clothes, shoes etc.
  • There are numerous bedbugs’ traps available on the market. Use them to trap and remove bedbugs.
  • Get rid of items that are heavily infested with bedbugs as cleaning them might be a daunting task.
  • Contact the professional for Bedbug control Glasgow. They will be able to remove and clean your house in no time.
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